How is everyone? As always, you're all in my positive thoughts and prayers for Great health,

Safety, Comfort and Happiness - especially in these Covid times. Please stay safe and keep those masks on... Hungry? I made a vegetable - breakfast omelette with fresh local grown - organic arugula, fresh basil, pesto, low fat - goat cheese and Italian seasonings! Scrumptious!!!

I've been juicing - raw vegetables - fruits and cooking "Super Healthy" lately

as I'm making a beneficial, lifestyle change diet for better health.

You know what my late Father, "Paps" would say if he liked your cooking? "You're Hired!" (LOL!)

I've also been recording lately whilst "Still Tweaking" adjusting, pushing and pulling all my buttons and knobs! (LOL!!!) It's really sounding good now HD vocals wise though, and I'm looking forward to sharing with you a taste of what is to come very soon. So busy with everything else as well.

I'll keep you updated!