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"The Best Is Yet To Come!"

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"Stay Safe!"

Friday, October 23, 2020 

 8:00 AM   

Greetings to my friends / fans!

Hope that all of you are taking the best care

of yourselves in these covid-19 times.

Please make sure that you wear a mask, "I wear 3" social distance yourselves, and wash your hands constantly.


These are Super - Serious times to take all precautions to protect your health, and respect and protect others as well. 


I hope that everyone is hanging in there, and you're all in my positive thoughts and prayers

as always.


    On another note, I have been setting up an      "AWESOME, WORLD CLASS, AUDIO SETUP" 

in these months of staying in. Be prepared,

as it is going to be an incredible difference!

I'm now working on my products for upcoming release that will be available on my site as well as other online stores eventually, "God Willing."


Thank you for your patience as this is a new and upcoming website, and will get better with time.

"Quality is worth waiting for."  

Friendship & Love!




"My Wonderful  Fans!"

Hello to all my lovely friends / fans around the world!

I hope that you're all staying safe in these very unfortunate times. My heart, love and prayers go out to all the people/souls lost from Covid-19, as well as to the families around the world that have dealt with the loss of  friends and loved ones. You're all in my prayers, and we will all get through this together, somehow, someway!

Keep the Positive Thoughts, and Positive Words flowing!

Be Strong, Positive & Courageous!!!




apologize that I haven't written in a while 


as I've been

busy in the background with recording, arranging,


mixing, mastering,


producing, etc., etc.,  and


a lot of  hard work, new - host / web site building!

In fact, I've been a "Nocturnal Creature" for over a

month while staying in and staying


safe. It's all coming together though

with much gratification in the artistic process.


 As always, thank you for

all your continued support.

You're all in my positive thoughts, and constant


prayers. Please stay safe, happy, and


I shall return!!!





Much Love!


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