Hello to all my wonderful family of friends and fans!

Hope that all is well for everyone. I'm back to enjoying the gratification of cooking lately. This evening I made a combination of Spicy, Asian, Rice noodle, Legume and Spinach Salad.

For dessert, Fresh Orange, Blood Orange, Apple, Strawberry prepped for juicing with vanilla - La Croix - lightly blended. "The Juice Is In The House!!!"

Eating Super Healthy as I acknowledge more than ever that,

"Your Health Is Your Wealth." As Always, I made extra so please enjoy! (Smiles)

I'm back in the Studio - Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Remastering in High Resolution, etc., etc... and, I've started booking for the future - post covid dates. Excited!!!

"Our Best Days Are Ahead Of Us!"

"Please Stay Positive and choose to Be Happy."