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Hello to my wonderful, online family of Friends / Fans!

How is everyone? Hopefully great as the Covid vaccine is majorly being administered. I had to drive over 1000 miles to get my two shots as I registered early, and the only availability at the time was in Saint Augustine, Florida. So, I decided to make a "VACA" - getaway out of it, and found a charming B & B to enjoy this interesting and historical town.

Amazing history of Henry Flagler, and early - American settlers in Saint Augustine, Florida.

The Lightner Museum was incredibly educational regarding the beginning of America's first settlers, and how society lived in this place / era. Also, I finally found a quality tasting, New York Style - comparable Pizza in Florida. "Pizza Time" of Saint Augustine, rated #2 in the United States

by Trip Advisor. It was absolutely scrumptious, and I had 2 COLOSSAL - White Pizza slices,

with fresh garlic and basil, prior to my new lifestyle change - even healthier diet of course!

I also took the initiative to be super disciplined to shed the Covid weight of 22 Pounds as well. All that gourmet - but healthy cooking that kept me busy staying in for over a year as the pounds crept up on me - most all of us for that matter. "I was a Gourmet Piggy!" I'm now on a whole new lifestyle change, juicing - organic vegetables - fruits, keeping the weight off,

and as a result - "I Feel Good!!!" I've changed my ways of sometimes eating a bit too much also as I realized that just because I'm 6'3 tall with size 13.5 - D wide feet doesn't give me the privilege or the justification to eat multiple portions because it tastes so incredibly good! "FoodIE!" LOL!

***Note To Self - PULL BACK, and POCO MANGIARE!!!

So, my eating habits have become even more disciplined and healthier, and I'm now on

"Portion Control" and can finally zip up those pants, and fasten those buttons with zestful ease!

And, no more eccentric - grunt noises putting on those socks! LOL!

Music wise, I'm in the studio working hard, and lot's going on to get back out there!

Please excuse me if I'm not online lately as I'm "Conjuring up a HD Musical - Vocal Storm"

for future Singles / Albums for online stores availability, and for the world to hear universally!

I'm also having fun in the building - preparation for release process as well.

Quality is worth waiting for, and what I'm about to produce in the future is going

to be my "Golden Standard" that I believe will be certainly worth being patient for.

Prolific times are to follow the upcoming - high definition - customized & modified

"Signal Chain" - that is "almost completed" - revised Recording / Productions set up!


Stay Tuned!!!

Wishing everyone Peace, Love, Excellent Health, and Great Happiness!

Much friendship and love to my Family of Awesome Friends / Fans!

"I Shall Return!"


Photos from Saint Augustine, Florida "Day & after Midnight Stroll" - Covid Shots - "VACA - Getaway."

*** The Exquisite Church was built by Henry Flagler in Memory of his daughter / granddaughter.

Henry Flagler's daughter died after giving birth to a baby girl named Margery in 1889. Margery died after a few hours and Jennie Louise herself died a few weeks later en route to Florida by private yacht. It is said that loss of his daughter and granddaughter remained one of Flagler's greatest sorrows throughout his life.

"How Saddening."