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Hello to my wonderful family of Friends / fans.

I hope that all is well. So sorry for all that just occurred recently on the west coast of Florida.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all that have been affected / afflicted.

I love the West Coast of Florida, as it is so romantic to have a glass of red wine

and an appetizer while watching the sunset at the "The Lido Key - Tiki Bar"

and then a lovely walk on the beautiful beach. Love It!

Ritz Carlton, Naples, Florida where Shoes / Loafers / Sandals are an option.

Anyways, missed everyone. Me? Working hard with too much to list as it's 2:07 am

and I'm still awake... Time to force myself to go Night - Night and drink a double

"Sleepy Time" tea. (Smiles)

Anyways, sending my best regards to everyone.

I shall return!


"The Voice of Romance"


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