Updated: Mar 3

Happy Monday to all!

Hope that everyone is well, safe, comfortable and happy!

Me? I've been cooking up a "Healthy Storm" over these

Covid days, and making a positive choice of - "Staying in."

Keeping busy with all that entails, and am enjoying

creating - cooking, healthy meals, and noshing! I thoroughly

savor, tasty cooking, with all natural - fresh ingredients - spices.

Although, like most everyone else in these uncertain times,

the pounds had excelled from a bit of excess,

healthy - gourmet noshing - nibbling. LOL!

I'm back on track though now, juicing 2x a day with organic

vegetables - fruits, and a healthy, well balanced,

meal every evening. These are only a few of my

dishes that I've been having fun with and enjoying.

Wow!!! My energy from juicing is amazing, and

my health has greatly improved from this dramatic change.

Eating healthy is extremely essential for feeling good!

"Your Health Is Your Wealth!"

Anybody hungry? I'm cooking a late dinner tonight...

Yes, I can cook, and sing simultaneously also...

Maybe, just maybe, in the process, a few tango steps

on the way to the oven as well. LOL!