Hello to all my wonderful Fans / Friends,

How is everyone? I know, it's saddening what's culminated in the news this last month.

My positive thoughts and prayers go out to all affected around the world. Hopefully, all

will come to a positive conclusion soon. Me? Adding - Modifying - Adjusting - Pro Tools in the studio - Audio - Video - Analogue - Digital, preparing for my next concerts - shows with special guest, Soprano for "Classical Pop" duets. In addition, I've signed with an International Agent in Miami that has been a prominent and well established

Pro - Agent in the business for decades.

Zoom conference meeting with agent this upcoming week to finalize all that entails regarding establishing me on their agency roster and their universal - casting network

as well. I feel exuberant energy, I'm determined, and very optimistic regarding the possibilities.

"The Best Is Yet To Come!"

Not too much cooking lately, but I'm being naughty at the moment baking an

imported from France - dark chocolate croissant in the oven. I'm only going to consume half,

but who knows - it's dark chocolate! I will fully divulge with details on that matter -

- maybe later... LOL!

Anyways, stopping by to say hello.





I indulged the entire croissant - I was bad!!!

Especially - as I'm on a quest to lose ten pounds. LOL!

But, it was certainly delicious!!! (4) Chocolate Croissants in a package.

They have (4) Almond Croissants too that are scrumptious as well.

*Imported from France - Refrigerated section - Trader Joes.

Now, if only I had an early Sunday cup of Gevalia Coffee - that would be perfect!

*Note to self - Pick up some Gevalia Coffee. (Smiles)

Choose "To Be Happy" Sunday Wishes...


Sunday, March 27, 2022 - 6:21 PM


I'm going for another French Croissant!

"DO NOT TRY AND STOP ME!" LOL! I'm going for it - NOW!