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Good Thursday - late evening to all my wonderful Fans / Friends around the world.

Hoping that everyone is safe, healthy & happy.

100% Asian Bliss for the palate!

Tonight's, late night Dinner:

Organic - "Broiled" Chicken Breast with chili - lime spices,

"Chopped" into 1/4 inch square pieces,

then added to my low "Simmering" pot

of organic - Garlic, "Chopped" Shiitake Mushrooms, Bok Choy, Baby, Shishito Peppers, Sweetcorn and snap peas with "Smoked" African Seasonings, Dr. Bronner's - liquid aminos,

Ajika Georgian, Seasonings, Chili - Sesame Oil

and - "Award Winning" - a bit of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ - Sauce,

"Simmered - Stirred" on Low temperature in 2 cups or more of water.

This Dish is absolutely an - Asian Bliss!

For Dessert: A Freshly Juiced,

organic, Apple and Cantaloupe Juice

with Pumpkin Pie Seasonings.

Please Enjoy!




"The Voice of Romance"


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