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Greetings to my around the world, Family of Friends - Fans.

Hoping that everyone is being careful and safe as this Covid 19 is far from over.

Hang in there as we will beat this insidious virus eventually, but we must all work together,

and protect ourselves and very importantly - OTHERS from being infected.

Please also pray for the afflicted around the world that have lost their friends, family members and loved ones due to Covid 19 that they may - stay strong, be - stay positive, remember the good times and happy memories - that they shared

with their friends and loved ones from Covid 19.

I lost a friend to Covid 19 as well - sad...

We're all here on this earth for just a little while, "Just Passing Through" as one

very special person - once stated, and we must enjoy every day as a gift and

never take time for granite as all time is but fleeting moments that pass by us all so quickly.

Live peacefully, forgive, Be Good To others, Wish Others The Best, Encourage and Lift One Another Up, Compliment others, Love, Laugh, Smile, Be a Cheerful Giver, Count Your Blessings, and "Choose To Be - Stay Happy, Thankful, Grateful

and Positive" in all Circumstances.

"Every Day Is A Gift."

On another note, I'm in the Studio working late and made a healthy nibble

that I hope that you'll enjoy.

  1. Organic, Bed of Non GMO - Baby Spinach

  2. Broccoli & Kale Slaw with Dried Cherries, Blueberries, Slivered Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Raw Walnuts, and Fresh peeled Mandarins with a Sweet & Creamy Dressing.

  3. A Healthy scoop of Wild Caught, Smoked / White Fish Salad with Glaze

  4. and a few drops of Green Dragon - Hot Sauce.

Please Enjoy.

Beautiful Week Wishes.




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