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Good Evening "If You're Still Awake" to my Family of Wonderful Friends and Fans.

I just made for us a "Good Night" - Fresh Pineapple Juice

with "Pumpkin Pie" seasonings.

It's already almost 2023!

Next year is going to be the best yet!!!

I can't believe that my friend, Singer - Actor, Eddie Fisher, passed twelve years ago.

We used to get together in Las Vegas and San Francisco with some friends for dinner.

I actually had Eddie over for dinner quite a few times, otherwise, he would always invite me for a ritual dinner at The Bellagio Hotel and a show thereafter.

"Sir. Eddie," I called him - liked the Creme puffs from Belgium that I served him

or dessert with coffee whenever he would visit while in Vegas.

I always made sure from then on, that when Sir. Eddie came to Vegas,

that I was prepared with a bucket of Cremes in the freezer awaiting him for dessert.

I even went shopping with Eddie to the Las Vegas, Forum shops

where he and I picked out his "Italian Shirt" that is in this photo.

We had so much fun! Just imagine, Sir. Eddie, was in his 80's in this photo.

Eddie was a really cool - cool Cat!

Sir. Eddie, absolutely loved my voice / singing as well that he highly suggested

two great songs for a Tenor Voice that I will produce in the future

and dedicate to his memory.

You want to hear something really amazing? It was I, (small world) who helped reestablish the union of Father, Sir. Eddie Fisher and Daughter, Carrie Fisher together

once again before his passing.

Sir. Eddie, told me one night that Carrie, never forgave him for being disloyal to her mother - - Debbie Reynolds, and for breaking up their family

with the late, Actress - Elizabeth Taylor.

He told me that Carrie - would never forgive him. He literally almost cried as

he was so very sorry for his Family altering - mistakes that he had made decades ago. I then convinced - explained to him, that "YOU MUST" call or write to Carrie, and tell her that you love her, that you miss her, and that you are so very sorry and regret deeply

for what terrible mistakes that he had made regarding the Fisher family.

Upon our next dinner - get together in Las Vegas with friends, Sir Eddie, told me

that he followed everything that I suggested, and that Carrie, forgave him and they were

back together again after many decades apart. Sir. Eddie, was so happy to reunite with his daughter, Carrie and was so thankful and appreciative to me as he would have never -

- from his statement - thought that Carrie, would even talk to him or would forgive him - which restrained him from ever calling Carrie to make a serious effort to ask for forgiveness.

I never spoke - saw Eddie again for one reason or another after that, but I hope that Sir. Eddie, followed the same heart felt words with his former wife, Debbie Reynolds as well.

We all must remember and realize that we're not going to always

be on this earth and we're all Just "Passing Through" so, let your hearts be filled

with love, respect and kindness towards one another.

From Palm Beach, with Love!

Good Night...




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