Hello to all my wonderful Fans / Friends around the world.

It's been such devastating news lately regarding with what's happening with the world.

The world, in general has become so "Dark, Cold & Hateful" against one another.

Or, let's just call it like it really is = evil. It's also so very saddening to see the news lately

regarding "live murder - death" and such caused sorrow and loss for families, relatives

and friends from all such recent atrocities that is just truly unimaginable in this modern era.

Brother against brother - filled with hatred - nation against nation - fellow, country men - divided, greed, jealousy = covet = envy, lying - false accusations, cursing & name calling, malicious deeds towards others, judging, hurting and smearing one another, etc., etc., etc., etc.. etc., etc., etc.!!!!!

Unfortunately, certain individuals that choose to cause harm to others don't realize,

that not only are they harming someone else with their God Given - "Free Will"

but, they are "Cursing - Themselves" by doing such malicious - evil deeds.

*****NOTE: Evil choices does not pay positive dividends or blessings in the end -

- only destruction, loss, ruin, strife, unhappiness, hurt and ultimately death.

"What Ye Sew - Ye Shall Reap" - "What Goes Around - Comes Around" - "Karma!!!"

Please join me in a positive prayer for peace, love & unity for all of mankind.

It's such a shame as we should all be complimenting, helping, hugging one another, sharing each others recipe's, visiting and enjoying each others cultures, supporting and building up one another - etc., etc., etc.. etc.. And, music combined from different cultures as well.

Love what Sting has done with multicultural - combined music. Additionally, I Love to combine spices from all nations, countries / cultures to devise my own free form cuisine - recipes as well. Yummy!!! MMM - If you know me by now - I'm a Healthy Foodie - within reason of course...

We all live on this one world - together, and we should all make a conscious and consistent effort to live in "Peace, Love & Harmony." We would certainly all be

ultimately happier together on this "One Earth" as a result from such active efforts.

Please be an example to others to always "Do The Right Thing,

and Make A Positive Difference in This World."

Additionally, "Be The Light In This Present Darkness"

and be Blessed for sewing "Good Deeds" as a result.

"Peace, Love & Happiness" to all mankind.


P.S. Even in the darkest hour - "Choose To Be Happy" as Every day is a blessing!

We're not always going to be here - so enjoy everyday, and make a positive

difference towards others. "Encourage one another, help the widows, feed the poor,

help the homeless, volunteer to help a good cause - organization,