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Friends / Fans around the world...

I've been so busy with everything that I overlooked to post photo's of my last Concert.

The Audience was delightful and appreciated all the hard work that went

into my performance presenting them with some of the greatest repertoire ever written.

What a great joy to get back onto a live stage

following the Covid 19 pandemic.

The result was a "Spectacular - Super Successful" Event

as the audience was so receptive and standing ovations

prevailed throughout the much enjoyed evening.

The audience wanted even more

and following for a "Meet & Greet" encounters,

some even requested and suggested additional repertoire

that my late parent's left me a Legacy with

that I'm already working on.

I dedicated this performance to my late parents.

They would have been so proud.

I'm so thankful and grateful for them in memory.

"READY FOR 2023!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sending my warmest regards to my Friends / Fans.



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