Happy weekend wishes to my Friends - Fans around the world!

Look what flew into my door recently, a beautiful and very rare white, young (Rock Dove) Pigeon.

It was tamed instantly and I have named her "Lovey - Dovey."

Lovey, has been bathed since these photos with Dr. Bronner's - natural - peppermint soap,

and is now clean, pure white and smells good!

Rock Doves, are beautiful birds and are certainly "NOT" rats with wings. They are very special creatures that have lived on this earth for over 350 million years and have saved many thousands of lives during World war II from being bombed - when all electronic communications failed, etc..

White Doves / Pigeons are considered to be a "Good Omen"

and symbolize "Love & Romance," Peace, Prosperity, Transformation - etc., etc.. etc...

I'm "Game" = Birds (LOL!) for all that is positive, and I'm certainly the last breed of a

Classic Schooled, Down to Earth, Fun - Loving, Gentleman that's very Grateful, Appreciative

and Thankful for all "Celestial Blessings - Good Karma" that ever comes my way! (Smiles)

Anyways, sending my warmest regards to everyone and please know - as always,

that you're all in my positive thoughts and prayers for all that your heart's desire.

Me? Lot's going on that is very positive and too much to list. Today, I'm soldering additional custom wires - cables for my new recording - signal - audio chain. They are not just any wires -

they are, The "Best In The World" for Analogue and Digital transfer of The Highest Resolution

for audio sound.

I won't go into technical jargon - but the future results for all my recordings / products will be the best - quality, custom recording - sound! I love what I do and I'm excited to go

"Onward and Upward" technically and artistically. It will be worth the extra effort and patience

to set up the pinnacle of analogue / digital sound transfer. I am almost completed for the setup...

I have also been working on full - Symphonic - String Sections as well as

recording - vocal harmonies for my upcoming album, etc., etc., etc...

It's all coming together, and I'm ENTHUSIASTIC - EXCITED

about the positive progress. I'll keep you up to date as I go along.

As the late - GREAT, "SUPER - STEVE" JOBS, once stated, - May He Rest In Peace... -


Missed everyone... Have a great weekend!

Working hard and trust me... There is a MUSICAL - ARTISTRY - "STORM BREWING"

behind the scenes. "BUCKLE UP - TIGHTLY"