Hello to my wonderful family of friends - fans around the world. I'm up late busy in the studio,

and I cooked up a meal that I hope that you'll enjoy. Let's call this an HTML - JPEG - Late Night Supper. LOL!

I prepared for us an Organic, Spring Mix - Salad with Imported - Italian - Extra Virgin, Olive Oil with Balsamic Vinaigrette from Modena, Italy and organic, Chia & Flax seeds with Italian Glaze as well. As you can probably tell, I just relish any Real - Italian condiments to cook with and accompany a finely well thought out, prepared and cooked meal.

And, I really love to cook healthy and gourmet cuisine without recipes -

- freestyle with a creative - infusion artistry.

And yes, the Pinot Noir - goes with this meal this time. LOL! Having Fun!

A meal to me is like Romance & Art combined. "You have to be Thoughtful, Make A Great Effort to Show that You Care, Be Creative, as well as add that Zest of Italian, Intense Passion for your Art, etc,. etc., etc... I just need to sometimes eat a bit slower as when the food tastes so good, I tend to devour the meal that I carefully prepared rather quickly! Not always - just on accasion -