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Hello to my wonderful family of friends - fans around the world.

I'm up late busy in the studio

and I cooked up a meal that I hope that you'll enjoy.

I prepared for us an organic, Spring Mix - Salad with Imported - Italian - Extra Virgin, Olive Oil with a Balsamic Vinaigrette from Modena, Italy and organic, Chia & Flax seeds with Italian Glaze as well. As you can probably tell, I just relish any Real - Italian condiments to cook with and accompany a finely well thought out, prepared and cooked meal.

And, I really love to cook healthy and gourmet cuisine without recipes -

- freestyle with a creative - infusion artistry.

And yes, the Pinot Noir - goes with this meal this time. LOL! Having Fun!

A meal to me is like Romance & Art combined. "You have to be Thoughtful, Make A Great Effort to Show that You Care, Be Creative, as well as add that Zest of Italian, Intense Passion to the Art of Cooking, etc,. etc., etc...

Anyways, tonight's Dinner is a Filet Mignon - medium - "basted" - also Imported from Italy, Basil & Pesto Sauce, Cuban - "Citrusy" Garlic and Turmeric Seasonings with a hint of Avocado Oil.

Please enjoy.

Beautiful Weekend Wishes to All.




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