Updated: Apr 1

My condolences to all who have lost loved ones due to Covid 19. You're all in my prayers for your utmost safety, good health and happiness in these uncertain times. Please stay positive, and continue to be super safe. I unfortunately lost a friend

recently due to Covid 19. This insidious virus took his life way too soon.

On another and more positive note, working on the highest resolution, recording project

with my band that I'll update you on soon, and setting up future engagements

and media opportunities, etc., etc., etc..

Thank you also for your patience, as this new web site is still

an ongoing construction project and getting better with time.

Will keep you abreast of it all as, "The Best Is Yet To Come!"

I wish everyone great health, success, peace, love and happiness. ❤️

I shall return...

My best regards,


Operatic Pop • Classical Crossover • Latin Pop • Traditional Pop • Tenor • Romance