Hello everyone! How's everybody doing? Hopefully well and staying cool.

It's starting to get somewhat warm here in Florida, but I certainly don't mind after living i

n Henderson, Nevada next door to death valley for years at 118 - 124 degree summers.

So happy to be so near to the ocean once again. Me? What am I up to?

Finalizing the final touches to my Studio - soldered more - custom wires - not just any wires -

- "The Best In The World" for Studio - analogue & digital transfer! What does that mean?

The Greatest sound for Mastering. Yes, I'm not just a Classically Trained Tenor,

I'm also a Sound Engineer as well. So happy as it's all so ready after much research

and diligence for this setup in these Covid Times.

I finished everything to record in 24 Bit - 192kz Mono - Stereo, Analogue recording, Harmony, Preamplification, Compression, Parametric Equalization, Gates, Legendary Reverb - Sound enhancement Processing, Full Band, Symphonic Strings, Symphony,

World Instruments, World Class - Microphones - etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.......

What does that all equate to? The best recordings for my future releases

that will become available on the world's, online stage - stores, etc...

How does it sound? Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been consistently practicing my vocals diligently lately, and I'm ready to record soon.

I will be tweaking all the settings to perfection next...

Will upload some examples for demonstration when completed.


Also, preparing for 3 Shows / Concerts next month.

Will keep you updated...

From Palm Beach With Love,