Updated: Apr 1

Hello around the world! Here is something that you don't see often. LOL!

"Say Hello To My Little Friend, Crabby 2!" I found this particular species known

as a "Christmas Crab" on the terrace prior to the Covid 19 epidemic,

and he or she has been a marvelous, little, pass time pet.

Crabby, On occasion loves to wach television, PBS, News, Animal Planet, The History & Learning Channel as well as wach the Music Channel - light Classical,

80's Pop, Jazz, etc., and sometimes shares some quality time with me

watching a good movie, or even editing - studio time...

I know what your thinking, trust me! This crab is as tame as can be.

It loves to be petted, and never would pinch or be aggressive.

Certainly not conventional, but an amazing feat to have a crab as a pet.

This Crab trusts me entirely, and just in case that you're wondering,

I don't eat crab! LOL!

In my years as a professional singer, I have been a part of quite a few organizations that have helped others through fundraisers / benefits

raise many millions of dollars for the United States -- Veterans, Homeless Children, Unfortunate families, Animals, Widows of deceased Police Officers, and Family Members lost at war, etc., etc., etc... It is such a gratifying feeling to help

others in need, and that are suffering from unfortunate circumstances.

I have also saved many animals that were struck by cars in the road

since a very young age. I find it very gratifying also to care for the injured animals

and help them back to health, or find a good home / veterinarian / sanctuary for them. These are a few of those unfortunate - wounded animals below

that I felt blessed to help save and recover.

I plan on continuing, for the rest of my life to dedicate myself towards helping

other people, children and animals alike with my singing, "God Willing."

More than ever, I realize that real and true hearted love

is "Making A Difference" to help others in need.

We can all change this world for the better by selfless acts

of kindness, compassion, forthright efforts and just pure selfless love.

Anyways, I hope that everyone is well, choosing to be happy, staying safe

and positive. Thank goodness that vaccinations will be available

to all in the near future! "Celebrate - Good Times - Come On!!!"

Staying positive, keeping busy, and am enthusiastic about the future.

Please join me in "The Powerful and Positive Words"

to continuously put out in the ether,

"Our Greatest Days Are Ahead Of Us!"

I shall return!


P.S. Here are just a few of other "little friends" that crossed in my path of life.

Please enjoy!

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