How is everyone? Sending my warmest regards to all my online Family of Friends/Fans,

and wishing everyone all that your heart's desire for this getting better by the day, year - 2021.

I've been rather busy lately as I've been in production mode, and losing the excess Covid Pounds!

"17 pounds shed - to be exact!" Feeling better, and radically changing my diet to a more green,

and even healthier one. I got so very tired of not being able to close the clasp on the pants, and definitely had to do something about it! "LOL!" So, I pulled back on the noshing a bit, and am getting back to the staying primarily on the - Super healthy - regimen / lifestyle of eating.

Preparing also for recording sessions next month that will be the beginning of what's to come in the future, "God Willing." It's been a hard year for everyone losing friends / family / loved ones.

Please, join me in being thankful for all the wonderful moments, times and love that we shared

with the ones that we lost. Remembering the good times, smiles and laughter, and being thankful for each day and moment with those that we were so blessed to have shared this life with.

"Everyday is a gift from God, "Carpe Diem - Seize The Day, Be Thankful, Grateful,

and Stay Positive in All Circumstances!"

Positive words that my beloved mother shared with me before her passing. She even left me instructions with these important words underlined, highlighted and emphasized in writing!

My life has changed for the greater - better ever since applying positive words - affirmations

into my life. Words and thoughts are so powerful! Please choose positive thoughts,

and positive affirmations everyday. It works!

Anyways, sending much love to everyone around the world. As always,

"You're all in my positive thoughts and prayers for your greatest live's ahead of all of you."

Thank you for all your love and support.

"Be and Stay Positive!"

"The Best Is Yet To Come!"

In The Studio & I'm connecting with opportunities for the right representation.

Preparing also for my Google launching, and please buckle up and be prepared

to be "Blown Away" with my future recordings in HD, or the proper terminology -

"The Greatest and HR - Highest Resolution!" With Band and Symphony accompaniment!

Thank you for your patience as it will be worth waiting for...


P.S. Happy very belated "Mother's Day" to all The Wonderful Mothers that have given

their best and love to their children and family. I cherish everyday, and am more

than ever "Thankful and Grateful" to have had "The Most Wonderful Mother"

that God could ever have "Blessed" me with.

Cheers and Good Blessings to all The wonderful Mothers...