How is everyone? Sending my warmest regards to all my online Family of Friends/Fans,

and wishing everyone all that your heart's desire for this getting better by the day, year - 2021.

I've been rather busy lately as I've been in production mode, and losing the excess Covid Pounds!

"17 pounds shed - to be exact!" Feeling better, and radically changing my diet to a more green,

and even healthier one. I got so very tired of not being able to close the clasp on the pants, and definitely had to do something about it! "LOL!" So, I pulled back on the noshing a bit, and am getting back to the staying primarily on the - Super healthy - regimen / lifestyle of eating.

Preparing also for recording sessions next month that will be the beginning of what's to come in the future, "God Willing." It's been a hard year for everyone losing friends / family / loved one