Good Morning Family of Friends / Fans around the world!

Hungry? I made especially for you - breakfast!!! Brown Rice, lightly salted - Rice Cake with imported from Italy - Basil / Pesto spread, accompanied by a Salmon patty - cooked (Medium) with Mushroom, Garlic - Citrus, French Masala - Curry Powder Spices.

Next, topped with a Free Range - Hormone free - naturally fed - Poached Egg (Meduim) with Cheddar Style - Cashew, Cheese alternative - Dairy free topped with a olive tapenade and julienne sliced - Sun Dried Tomatoes with a hint of Virgin olive oil - similar spices drizzled around the arugula, poached egg and salmon. Yummy! Please enjoy!

It's going to be a Fabulous Day!

Great week wishes and God Bless!