Whaaaaaaaaaaat's UUUUUUUUP?!!! my wonderful family of Fans and Friends!!!

Happy weekend! Hoping that all is well for you and sending my very best to everyone.

Me? Busy as always, in the studio, editing video /audio - yes - artists have to do it all these days, HTML - Web Site, Audio, Video, Photoshop, Text, etc., etc., etc., etc... rehearsing, seeking the right Agent / Management.

Juggle, Juggle, Juggle!!! Loving every minute of it as it's all for the cause.

Preparing also for upcoming concerts - shows.

I've been so busy these Covid times building and revising

my Recording / Production setup.

It is absolutely amazing as I have put together an Arsenal of "World Class - Pro Tools"

for an ultimate "Signal Chain" of High Resolution transfer for the

Best of Analogue & Digital recording.

Some of the gear has been modified by a Master of Electronics - Technical Engineer -

- that has been modifying gear for celebrities and major corporations for decades.

It is unbelievable how many details have been put into this venture - projects.

I'm happy to say that it is all so very close to being completed

to be able to flip some switches, open some programs - applications

and be ready for all future projects - Albums / Single releases - scenarios.

I promise you, "God Willing" that it will be worth the wait

for the best of quality. I've even soldered my own wires! LOL!

I'm excited and love what I do...

Anyways, back to the projects at hand.

As always, you're all in my positive thoughts and prayers

for all that your heart's desire.

Peace, Love & Happiness to all!

"I shall Return!"