Happy Sunday!

I hope that all is well for everyone

and that you're enjoying your lives.

Here is a photo of my new mother 

that was actually a good friend of my 

late mother. She is turning 100 and is

about to have a centennial, birthday bash.

I'm honored to sing for her special birthday

once again and am in awe of her amazing

and positive spirit. "Live everyday to the fullest,

smile, laugh, always be positive and be good

is her philosophy on life."

"She also attributes her longevity to 1-2

Martini's a day." I know what I'm going to be

having at the party! She is such a sweetheart

and I'm looking forward to one of the greatest

celebrations of the century! 

Much love to my fans as always and may

you all have a beautiful and blessed week.







Wow! It's amazing how time flies as summer is

upon us already. Smiles everyone as life is

Beautiful! Not perfect, but Beautiful...

Please enjoy every moment as life is all about

the now as that's all we have is this precious present.

Have you told or shown others how much you

appreciate, care and love them today?

"These are the moments!"

Be The Miracle and Inspiration to others 

and make them feel special today.

"Making someones day is The Secret 

to happiness for others and yourself."

Getting back to a healthy lifestyle as I recently

shed off 21 pounds from being a piggy over

the holidays, etc.. Feel so much better! 

This former, summer photo is inspiration

to me and hopefully to you to work out harder,

get back in shape and be and stay healthy! 

Remembering long hours, but appreciative and

enjoyable, modeling assignments to get through

music and theatre courses in college. 

Our Health is our wealth!

Be healthy, positive and count your blessings

everyday as these are also the moments to do so!

Did you know it tokes 37 muscles to frown

and 22 muscles to smile? So, Smiles everyone

and conserve your energy for positive things. 

My Love to My Most Special Fans 

and wishing everyone a healthy, happy

and unforgettable summer 2017!

I Shall Return and God Bless. 

What can I say about my wonderful Mother on this Mother's Day?

I could not ask for a greater mother as she was the most loving,

kindest soul on earth who had the biggest heart for her family,

friends, others, animals and who loved God greatly!

She was my greatest fan and encouraged me to sing

and pursue my dreams and live for my art and share

the joy of music with others!

"I Thank God for having had The Greatest Mother that I

could ever ask for or ever dream of in this or any lifetime!"

Bravo and Cheers to my mother and to all the great

accomplishments and the sacrifices she made

to always be there for her family, friends and others.

Happy Mother's Day to All The Special Mother's

that make a constant and never ending effort to make

a positive difference in their families life and in the lives of others.

Mine sure did! "Thank God For Wonderful Mother's."


Happy Monday to everyone!

Yes, it's a day that can be just as great as any day

if you're just thankful and grateful for all you

have and to be alive on this beautiful earth!

Happiness is certainly a choice that anyone

can experience! Please tell someone today 

how much you appreciate and love them,

smile at someone who needs it, be there

for a friend who needs a hand or a heart

or simply just compliment someone today

who has made a positive effort or a difference.

Happiness comes from helping or being there

for others! Please be the example of warmth 

in this turned cold world. You'll be happy

you made someone's day - I promise you... 

Anyways, I've been Producing and Arranging

my next album and I'm having a Blast in the

process! Wow!!! How it sounds so good

and has made life so much more enjoyable

recording with World - Class Musicians!

Looking forward to the completion and release.

Will keep you abreast of the progress.

Sending my utmost love to my fans.

What a fantastic birthday week as it was a time

to reflect on what has passed and what is to come.

Positive things are happening and

"Our Best Days are ahead of us!"

Beautiful Music, Special Friendships, Nature,

Romance & Love makes this life so special.

Cheers to Life, Friendship and Art.

Enjoying Life with

"The Greatest & Most Beautiful Fans

In The Entire World!" Thank you

for all your support and

for stopping by.

The Best Is Yet To Come!


Much Love,

P.S. The New Music is in the works!

Hello my wonderful fans. How are you?

Thank you all for the lovely Birthday Wishes.


Remembering today my wonderful

Parents that I could not express

how much I'm thankful to God

for all the wonderful times and

shared memories with them.


"Remember to Love those around you as you

want to be loved as all we have is today."

Life is Precious and Love conquers all!

So Love with all your heart!

Next album is going to be fabulous

as it's turning out wonderfully.

Talk soon and Thanking you once again

for the Birthday wishes.


Much Love To My Fans!

Hope that you had a great Easter Day!


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